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Zinn Chapter one particular

Zinn Q and A Queen: 1 . In respect to Zinn, what is his main goal for producing A Peoples' History Of The us? A: 1 . Zinn's key purpose was to give a comprehensive account of yankee history from the victim's viewpoint or present the history as seen by of the the general public Q: installment payments on your What is Zinn's thesis for pages 1-11?

A: installment payments on your Zinn's thesis is that Captain christopher Columbus has not been a hero as most record books show him; he was dishonest to people who recognized his travels and often providing them imitation promises. He was also a inappropriate abuser for the Arawak Indians. Q: 3. According to Zinn, just how is Columbus portrayed in traditional history books? A: 3. Zinn states that in many traditional history ebooks Columbus is portrayed like a hero or almost ay, heroic number that endangered his your life to travel to a mystery land and begin the New Community, but in every actuality his discovery was a completely incident. Q: four. Why does Zinn dispute Henry Kissinger's affirmation: " Background is the memory of declares? "

A: 4. This individual feels that Kissinger just looks at background from the point of view of commanders, and not people who suffered from all their policies. Zinn's viewpoint is to not accept history as the recollection of the point out, but rather focus on the actual dispute. Q: 5. What is Zinn's simple criticism of historian Samuel Eliot Morison's book, Captain christopher Columbus, Mariner?

A: your five. Zinn states that even though Morison explains to the truth about Columbus' as being indicate and vicious, but then he goes on to claim that Columbus was admirable irrespective of his imperfections. Q: 6. What major issues will Bartolome para las Casas bring up relating to Spanish trips in the Carribbean? A: six. The major concerns Batolome de las Casas bring up is Spanish rudeness towards the American indian people. Queen: 7. Determine one early and a single subsequent purpose that went Columbus to oppress local peoples. A: 7. a single...