Woody Allen’s «Annie Hall» Essay

Woody Allen's "Annie Hall"

This week I had fashioned the good good fortune of looking at one of the greatest motion pictures of the late 1970s, the 1979 film Manhattan, directed by Hard woody Allen. A film I would consider to be certainly one of his very best works. The film happens in, clearly, New York, especially on the island of Manhattan. While most people could say this really is merely the setting of the film, a more astute film viewer would realize that the storyline of film is a reflection of the city itself, a loving city of lumination and darkness.

A high level00 fan of Allen's movies you would understand that New York is often the placing of his films. What separates this kind of film by most of his others is his use of lighting to see his history. Shot entirely in grayscale white, this scheme enables the audience to experience the gritty splendor of the isle of New york. The use of lighting also supplies the mood for every single character and situations within the film.

The director of photography, Gordon Willis, paints a very passionate setting over the film with he choices of lighting. Utilizing a combination of low key and practical light, the film feels more " real" for the audience. Among the this would be within a conversation among Allen's character and his like interest, a seventeen-year-old high school graduation student, enjoyed by Ernest Hemingway's relative Mariel Hemingway. The two character types sit on a couch intimately lit by three crucial lights. One is a practical lumination, a desk lamp. The other is definitely two important lights one particular at the top of a spiral set of stairs and the various other in the middle of the frame in the background. The two talk about their marriage and we think an closeness in the shot. An audience is able to see that there are legitimate feelings involving the two character types.

Another popular scene that demonstrates low-class lighting is actually a scene in which Allen and Diane Keaton's character walk through New York's Art gallery of Modern Artwork while getting away an unexpected electric powered storm. The use of minimal light makes all of us as an audience feels like we are...