Essay upon Why Does History Matter?

How come History Matter?

How come History Matter?

History Concerns, because with out our history, we didn't know who also we are, or where we all came from. Each of our history is exactly what defines us. Knowing where you came from may help you better appreciate where you are went with your your life.

In the video with the first lesson there are plenty of incredibly interesting points as to why record really should subject to us. Richard White's way of showing a story the students can relate to, is very touching. Producing the students learn how lucky they are really, and how much they should appreciate their life style, can actually pull them in the history, and to help make it want to learn even more about it. By making the age connection, they can correspond with those military who lost their lives, they can know how young and unskilled the soldiers were, when they were brought to war. Those students are merely starting all their lives for 18; if the Vietnam troops already shed theirs in 18.

Edward Countryman states benefits in my opinion, and still a very important reality. If it were not for the Europeans negotiating in America, America would not become what it is today. Can you make an effort to imagine the US today without the Europeans settlers? I know We can't. Generally there would not be " America” without them. Devoid of the Europeans settlers America might have obtained a different name. And we might not have been residing in the best, and most powerfulk country in the world. Think about it… Were do you be now?

James McPherson said, " I like to compare the importance of knowing background to an individual who wakes up one particular morning with amnesia”, and there is no better way of saying it. How will you know who also you are, without knowing to came from. As I said in the beginning, you wouldn't understand who you are with no knowing the history.

Annette Gordon-Reed said, ” you should approach the study of record with a nature of curiosity”. If somebody chooses to believe that record is not really important, they may still find the reports to be...