What Are The Challenges Of Current Healthcare System In Hong Kong Composition

What Are The Major Problems Of Current Health Care System In Hk

п»їWhat are definitely the major challenges of current health care program in Hong Kong? How should certainly we change the system? What should be the functions of individuals, market and authorities in money and handling the health care system?

Major challenges

Increased healthcare financing costs due to increased demand of health care support The aging population

The majority of inpatient attention is be subject to a spending cap

~ 90 % of the most pricey services - secondary and tertiary care-are delivered by the public hospital system. This kind of public hospital system is afflicted by a rigid spending hat. The Government appropriates a fixed total every year to finance public hospitals. The grant is usually virtually the only significant income source for these clinics. The fees and costs received via patients comprise less than two per cent of actual total cost, and the auto industry hospitals are certainly not allowed to increase fees without the consent from the government. Expenses caps are actually effective in containing costs in other countries too (Butler, 1989; Brudevold, year 1994; Jonsson, 1990).

Public medical center staff about fixed income

More than 80 % of the persistent expenditure of public private hospitals goes to personnel (Hospital Expert, 1998, p. 76). Every employees of these hospitals, which include doctors, will be compensated on a fixed income basis. These fixed wage employees offer the bulk of the territory's priciest health care. Annual salary changes are made consistent with those inside the civil service-which are normally below general inflation -and happen to be subjected to alternatively rigorous open public scrutiny. 85 % of hospital care is provided by open public hospitals, and also 80%of expenditure of the general public hospitals will be salary bills. By keeping earnings expenses, the cost-driver, in check one has, more often than not, controlled the Territory's general health care expenses. Furthermore, there are no severe supply-side meaning hazards connected with such remuneration system, because...