Traditional Saree Weaving in Betgeri-Gadag Bunch of Karnataka Essay

Traditional Saree Weaving in Betgeri-Gadag Group of Karnataka


Technological Asst. (R& S), DCTSC, Dharwad.

M. R. Itagi

Scientist-C, DCTSC, Dharwad.

Dr . L. M. Damodara Rao

Scientist-C, SCTH/CSTRI/Central cotton Board, Bangalore.

Dr . G. S. Nadiger,

Ex. Overseer (Laboratories), The Textile Panel, Mumbai.

This kind of paper information on different problems and present current condition of Powerloom weavers of Betgeri-Gadag. The time series analysis of production, SWOT analysis with the cluster and annual purchase of the cluster has been researched in detail. Launch

Gadag is a metropolis in Karnataka state in India. Is it doesn't administrative headquarters of Gadag District. Gadag and its sis city Betageri (or Betgeri) have a combined town administration, as well as the municipality of Gadag-Betageri provides a population of 1, 54, 849 and the of fifty four. 56 km². As of 2001 India Gadag-Betgeri had a human population of 154, 849. Males constitute 51% of the human population and females 49%. Gadag-Betageri posseses an average literacy rate of 71%; male literacy is usually 79%, and female literacy is definitely 64%. 12% of the inhabitants is underneath 6 years old. Gadag is among the most district brain quarters since 1997. Gadag contains five taluks namely Gadag-Betageri, Ron, Shirhatti, Naragund and Mundargi Since last two centuries Gadag-Betgeri region is famous for their weaving and fabric generating activities. Betgeri is famous for it is good quality mercerized cotton and silk bridal sarees with popular Gadi Dadi–Border and Reddish colour Proteccion Theni Pallow like well-known ILKAL bridal sarees.

This place of North Karnataka provides lot of weaving cloth activities for the extent of 20 thousands of people are engaged in this career. Saree weaving looms that are presently set up in the bunch are from the loom manufacturer of M/S Ganga, Venkateswara, Sutex, Gwalier, Ganesh, Swastik etc .

Review of Powerloom Units in Gadag bunch of Procedure

Cluster Place

Powerloom UnitsPlain PowerloomSemi auto loomAuto loomRapier loomTotal harnesses Betgeri-Gadag3721790151131819

Review on Information on working Content spinning mills of Gadag Section Sl. NoName of the Content spinning

MillSpindle CapacityCount producedProduction Capacity Each month


Gadag Co-op Spinning Mill Hulakoti


OE- 10s to 60s

RP- 20s, 24s,

30s, 32s, 34s, forties

60s to 90s combed

60s forties Carded.

2 Lacks Kgs


Maqui berry farmers Co-op Content spinning Mill Hulakoti25000

60s 90s Combed

60s 40s Carded75000 Kgs

3Someshwara Co-op Content spinning Mill Laxmeshwar2496040s 60s carded 60s combed

128000 Kilos

Name Of Different Traditional Sarees online

The organic cotton blended sarees are having distinct designs and colours to draw customer and to meet all their individual flavor. The different sarees produced are- Gadi-Dhadi, Chikki-Paras, Skirt –Border, Todi-Paras, Kare-Chandrakali, Chadarang-Chikki, Superstar saree Zig-Zag and Gomi-Cotton. The time series analysis of production

MonthMarket conditionProblem

The spring, May and JuneMore with regard to sarees, nevertheless less productionAbsence of Experienced weaver because of marriage time of year July, Aug. and September. No demand for sarees due to " Ashadamasa”Slack of industry. More creation in the group. Oct, Nov and December. More with regard to sarees, nevertheless less productionAbsence of Professional weaver as a result of festivals Jan, Feb, MarchLess salesMore development in the cluster.

Almost all the Powerloom Industrialists in this bunch have their own market throughout the year. But the issue observed simply by survey is the non availability of expert weaver and their repeated migrations. Therefore only fiscally sound may stock the items during slack market duration. Almost all small and medium devices are determined by the agents and investors for their financial supports.

Value Addition

1)Embroidery: -- The art of decor of fabric or other materials with strings, wires or perhaps leather by using a needle may be defined as embroidery. With the associated with sophisticated devices, embroidery is definitely...