The Importance of Stupidity in Scientific Research Essay

The Importance of Ignorance in Technological Research



The importance of stupidity in scientific research

Martin A. Schwartz

Section of Microbiology, UVA Wellness System, School of Va, Charlottesville, VETERANS ADMINISTRATION 22908, USA e-mail: [email protected] edu

Acknowledged 9 April 2008 Log of Cellular Science 121, 1771 Published by The Company of Biologists 2008 doi: 10. 1242/jcs. 033340

I recently saw an old friend for the first time in many years. We had recently been Ph. D. students as well, both learning science, although in different areas. She after dropped out of graduate school, went to Harvard Law School and it is now a senior lawyer for a major environmental business. At some point, the conversation considered why the girl had kept graduate university. To my personal utter amazement, she explained it was because it made her feel foolish. After a year or two of sense stupid daily, she was ready to take action else. I had thought of her as one of the best people I knew and her subsequent job supports that view. What she explained bothered me personally. I kept thinking about it; at some time the next day, this hit me. Science makes me experience stupid also. It's just that I've got used to this. So used to it, actually that I positively seek out fresh opportunities to feel stupid. I wouldn't know very well what to do devoid of that feeling. I possibly think really supposed to be in this way. Let me describe. For almost most of us, one of the reasons that individuals liked science in high school and college or university is that i was good at it. That cannot be the only cause – fascination with understanding the physical world and an psychological need to discover new things has to enter into that too. But high-school and college technology means currently taking courses, and doing well in courses means getting the proper answers about tests. Should you know these answers, one does well and get to feel smart. A Ph. G., in which you have to do a research task, is a completely thing. For me, it was a frightening task. How can I perhaps frame the questions that would lead to significant...