Communism Plus the United States Essay

Communism Plus the United States


Sacca and Venzetti


After Community War d all the countries that were in the war had been going through an

adjustment period to try to get again what they dropped in the battle. Vladamir Lenin, the Russian Premier, started out Communism in Russia. This individual loved the concept of Communism and wanted to spread it all over the world. Because of this America went through an interval called the Red Terrify, where Us citizens feared the spread of Communism to America. Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Venzetti were two Italian migrants who were attempted and put to death to get a double tough and theft in South Braintree Massachusetts. Because of the Red Scare and many more factors these men were mistakenly accused and set to loss of life.


Because of the Reddish colored Scare everyone was paranoid that everyone surrounding them

were revolutionary Communists trying to bring Communism to America. The Palmer Raids were headed by A. Mitchell Palmer who started deporting immigrants for fear of all of them being significant Communists. As a result of Communist paranoia that had taken over America Sacco and Venzetti, who had been immigrants and anarchists, experienced very little possibility of being approved a fair trial from the start. Normally your personal affiliations arenКјt admissible in court, but also in this case that they became a massive issue. Since the trial went on this kind of prejudice taken through until their confidence.


Before the trial they tried Venzetti for a previous criminal offenses of a failed robbery. This

wasnКјt an established method and was hardly ever done in the Massachusetts tennis courts. He was found guilty of this kind of crime and it was bad for the murder case. Not merely was he now a previously found guilty felon this individual refused for taking the stand to defend him self which was a red flag for everyone. He was sentenced to 10-15 years which has been

unreasonably high for a criminal offenses in which no one was damage. This sentencing was a glimpse into the future intended for the murder case that was approaching. This wound up greatly influencing Sacco and also Venzetti since since they had been...