The Lotto - Examination Essay

The Lottery -- Analysis

Irony in " The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson

Paradox is an underlying theme used throughout Shirley Jackson's " The Lotto. ” The setting is usually introduced being a clear and sunny day time, but ends with the intense death of a housewife. The title of the tale itself is usually ironic, suggesting that those who have participate in the lottery have a chance of winning some type of award. The use of labels in general, such as the names with the two people who essentially work the town, is likewise a way to obtain irony from this short account.

The story of " The Lottery” as a whole is stuffed with ironic changes and converts. The idea of a lottery is to win something, so the subject leads the reader to believe the winner will receive a prize of some type, when in reality the " winner” will probably be stoned to death by the other villagers. The villagers act extremely non-chalant after arriving at the lottery, that makes it seem like it is just an additional uneventful time in a small city. Considering the seriousness and effects of the lotto, it seems strange that the villagers do not make a big deal about it. Regardless of the deep history of this " mundane scapegoating” and its practice as a " sop to the gods for any needed hammer toe harvest, ” all the villagers seem to bear in mind is the ruthless killing of any random person (Snodgrass 1). On the same notice, it is satrical that many with the original customs of the lotto, such as the actuacion and the salute, have been very long forgotten.

Since the story unwraps, the use of titles at this gross annual event generally seems to " strengthen the friendliness of the gathering; ” you feels that she or he knows these individuals as their titles are called, one by one, in alphabetical order (Werlock 1). The names of the two male coordinators of the lotto, Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves, give the reader with clues for the story's " transition from life to death” (1). Mr. Penible is the postmaster for the location and the one who swears Mister. Summers in as the lottery standard. His name provides a harsh reality to the lottery as soon as the reader detects...

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