The Lamb Essay

The Lamb



By simply William Blake

Pablo Huertas

Ms. Charitable trust Lea Givens

ENGL 102-B16 LUO

June 18, 2010

The standard, The Sovereign…The Saving Lamb


Pablo Huertas


" The Lamb” by William Blake

In the poem " The Lamb”, Blake formulates questions regarding the maker and characteristics with the " Lamb” as the main theme using a symbolic establishing and a peaceful feelings, and proves with the declaration that He knows whom the " Lamb” is—presenting an symbolism of it is sovereign qualities. Who may this " Lamb” become? OUTLINE

1 ) Little Lamb. Origin, start.


Were you really created?

Support, Feeding


Tender tone of voice, Source of Joy

2 . Very little Lamb. Peace of mind of knowledge

Kid = Purity, Pureness

Reason and Goal


I know you

3. Call him by his name = My own name

Humble qualities, Meek and Gentle

Who is really The Lamb?

Lamb relationship to God



William Blake is influenced to write this kind of poem in which the central purpose or theme is to recognize who the Lamb is usually and its beginnings, by formulating a series of queries, and to illustrate its attributes and personality by representing its amazing attributes. The World English Book defines Lamb as: " 1 . A, immature lamb, especially within year old and without permanent the teeth; 2 . Someone who is meek, gentle, and mild, specifically a baby or possibly a small child; 3. Somebody who is easily robbed or scammed; 4. Like a Lamb towards the slaughter calmly and without level of resistance going to confront something annoying or hazardous. ” It truly is clearly known by the author's figurative dialect that the composition is symbolic and allegoric—having the Lamb's description an additional meaning under the surface a single, conveying connotations beyond what is expressed, and an ulterior meaning since major interest. " Very little Lamb who have made thee? Dost thou know who also made thee? ” The poem definitely seems to be written in a form of Sonnet in a Petrarchan style with two stanzas. The to begin eight lines...

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