Essay on The Curse

The Curse


The storyplot The Curse by Lee Su Ann is about a girl who also faces various painful concerns in her life. There is certainly an harassing parent, the responsibility of guilt, jeolousy and anguish, take pleasure in that is unreturned, a hint of ghost and a murded to lend that aura of puzzle and secret to the story. The sexual act with its breakthrough of a corpse sets the pace intended for the theatre to happen. Then the reader is drive into London, uk where Azreen, the main protagonist, is intending to leave intended for Langkawi since her sister has died. She occurs in Langkawi and is besieged by rumours about how Madhuri, her sister had perished. The siblings' relationship can be discussed with much gusto among the villagers, and Normala, the town gossip has a field working day spreading juicy stories. Azreen is confused about what features happened but does not obtain satisfactory answers from any individual as both they are unaware about it and/or evasive. Azreen is emotionally shattered that her daddy had not continued to wait for her to view Madhuri just before she was buried and appears to harbor some bitterness against her father. Her mother is definitely suffering from Alzheimer's and is now forgetful and confused. Mohd Asraf, the romantic desire for Azreen's life is still in Langkawi plus the reader can be taken on the flashback quest that speaks of a one-sided relationship some years ago. The presence of a bomoh, a frightening Older Lady with special powers and the regular sightings of an unidentified although apparently ghostly woman arouse interest and anticipation. There are many occasions once things are advised but not explained as once Azreen's mom exclaims that Madhuri is in danger. What danger did Madhuri encounter and via whom? The impression of fascination is continual as the reader tries to connect the situations to understand what is going on and this keeps the tempo before the end. We could told that finding the fact about the murder can bring problems for the harmless and that is why zero attempt have been made to uncover the indentity with the murderer. These types of...