Texting and Driving Essay

Texting and Driving

Stanley Bussey

Essay two Draft some

Eng 103-0870

Dr . David Sibbitt

Sending text messages and Driving, You Under no circumstances Know

Not a care in the world. Teenage years are supposed to end up being the best time around me, because all I have to bother about is me personally. Why should I actually care about another person? Who can I harm by mailing out this textual content? My ladies and I are merely fooling around and having some fun and I'm simply texting a few boy bullying my friend inside the back. It can only take an additional to send this kind of text and then I'm back to staying focused on the street. What can occur in a second? Nothing! Till I search for and it's inside its final stages. I wish I had formed a second more. Now I'm going head-first in another vehicle and irritating I can do about it but scream. My entire life and other peoples' lives are at risk and all because I just wanted to play around. Was sending out this text into a boy that important? Texting and traveling is such a significant issue as we see in a public service announcement described by Peter Watkins-Hughes and produced by Tred films referred to as " Cow” and teenage girls need to realize that while they can be behind that wheel they are really responsible not merely for their lives but other's lives as well. This video is directed specifically towards teenage girls, 17 to nineteen, and a great unusually strong emphasis on personality development in " Cow” helps teenage girls feel an association of camaraderie to Cassie, Jules and Em by simply connecting the similarities in personality and life-issues.

At the start of the community service story there are a lot of methods being used to assist " Cow” achieve it is goal in targeting teenagers. Two techniques used in Cassie's dream will be foreshadowing and character development. The target audience can experience suspense and curiosity with foreshadowing and liberated, happy-go-lucky and fellowship with the figure development. In the dream when ever Cassie is coming out the property to join the car her parents don't really pay any focus on her. They will just give Cassie a quick trend and return back into their chat they were having, not showing any involvement in Cassie. This could mean there is certainly some detach between Cassie and her parents, consequently foreshadowing so why Cassie acts the way the lady does later on. Once Cassie gets in a vehicle, water starts coming out of the vents and begins surging the vehicle. While Cassie is intending to stop water coming out the vents with her hands, she's likewise screaming to get help at the same time. This picture fills the prospective audience up with suspense because they understand something horrible is going to happen later with Cassie and also it gives the audience curiosity, questioning what will happen to Cassie. As well Cassie trying to answer the ringing mobile phone while too much water foreshadows that the cell phone may play a major part later on. Up coming Cassie wakes up from the dream because of the mobile phone ringing and it's really Em that is on the other line. By the use of character development we discover out some details within the next scene about Cassie and Em. When Cassie sees the phone following waking up from your dream the lady tells Na, " Really early. Its not even breakfast time time yet” (Watkins-Hughes). Since the audience perceives the clock by simply Cassie's understructure it says 12: 57 P. M and such as a typical teenager, Cassie likes to go to sleep and wake up late. Also Cassie has to be at the job at a couple of: 00 L. M and still has not obtained out of bed showing that she is lazy and a procrastinator. During the dialogue between Cassie and No ano de, Em is wearing a devil's headband, displaying that the girl might be the bad apple out of your group of close friends. Also she is very outspoken, pushy and aggressive when she explains to Cassie, " If you want to get on the travel, you better make your fast bum up you know. Because Jack Ends goes bonkers” (Watkins-Hughes). After Cassie hangs in the phone your woman goes right back to sleep and doesn't awaken until two: 30 G. M. As Cassie is definitely rushing pertaining to work the audience can see her in the bathroom popping a pimple as it is prepared to burst the scene switches to mayonaise...