Syllabus IBSL Essay

Syllabus IBSL

ISM- MBA Program


Group: 2C: September 26-27, 2014

Group: 2D: October 10-11, 2014

Group 1A: January 9-10, 2015

Prof. Sara M. Meeks

Email address: Smjohnson. [email protected] com

Address: 28 Rue dieses Francs-Bourgeois, 75003. Paris

Volume of credits: one particular

Number of training hours: of sixteen

Credit Program: US


The program will treat the following subject areas:

How international business ventures help formulate and form international organization laws and regulations. Types of risk associated with intercontinental business rules.

How to resolve international organization disputes.

Master national and international operate regulations.

Various aspects of home-based (U. T. and EU) and international purchasing regulation including when a contract must be created underneath the CISG How to approach issues stemming from international contracts

SUMMARY OF COURSE CONTENT(Please also view the Outline below) The training course will cover the number of legalities that businesses face in international operate law within their everyday transactions as global corporations. The course will appear to the American and European legal program, in light with their influence inside the development of business law around the globe, but it also views this system coming from a global point of view. International situations and discussion of current issues will bring to life the law's various analytic frameworks. The course is highly INTERACTIVE and participative therefore it is mandatory that students the actual pre-class research.


All readings, as case components and articles or blog posts, will be submitted to the Hook up website or perhaps available on the Internet through links with this syllabus. Several readings will be ‘pre-seminar quiz' readings which will must be completed for Day time 1 to discover.


Grades will be based 20% on a quiz administered on the morning hours of the 1st day with the seminar, twenty percent on course participation, and 60% for the final task. Class involvement will be examined on the basis of (1) the quality and (2) the frequency of your contributions to the analysis of cases or other topics of discussion. The ultimate assignment is going to call for you to examine a lot of detailed, reality patterns to spot and deal with potential legal issues based on those men covered in the course. ISM needs the final project to be a the least 3, five-hundred words. It will be due thirty days from the end of the workshop.


The quiz depends on concerns regarding the Working day 1 study course topics. Specifically: students needs to be prepared to answer questions on the primary issues provided in following case study: Chateau des Charmes Wines Limited. v. Sabate

ChateaudesCharmesWinesLtd. v. SabatéUSAInc., 328F. 3d528(9thCir. 2003).


Optional TEXT BOOK intended for the course

Folsom, Gordon and Spagnole's International Organization Transactions in summary, 9th model ISBN: 9780314284358

PLAGIARISM POLICY (per ISM Teachers Handbook)

ISM considers plagiarism to be a great unacceptable practice under any circumstances. To market and protect academic honesty, ISM's coverage against plagiarism must be unconditionally respected. Learners found to commit works of stealing articles will face academic sanctions to be dependant on the teacher involved along with ISM administration. Any learners found to interact in cheating of any other form will face similar sanctions.


The required final task counts intended for 60% of the seminar value. The students must choose one with the two situations provided, and write a 3500 words academic quality paper. The daily news has to demonstrate: ability to be familiar with...