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Evelyn Ramos

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Walking in someone else's shoes.

There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, as well as the worst than it is that 50 % of them are accurate. Here I am, 14 year old Cyber Elizabeth (Eli), Living in Hazelnut, New Jersey, noted under the name of a " good woman. I was a good student. I had been thin, because my mom (a long term dieter) acquired always wanted me to be, and i also dressed in clothing she select for me. I had been cheerful and outgoing. The one thing I love to do the most is ballet. This provides the only point I have never gave up upon. I actually received accepted towards the dance college I have imagined going to. My life Plus told what direction to go by my mother or what I phone her, " Momster”. My own mother is a typical girls that married a successful business person, very uptight, and a few not forget CONTROLING. My father or perhaps what I used to call him my best friend was what out of cash me. I remember my initially day an excellent source of school, Choice to by pass school. I desired life once in my life guide me through life. I guess it merely requires led me to the fact. That surprising morning, I decided to go require a stroll inside the beach. Which where I actually caught my dad kissing and grabbing one other lady. My personal heart was broken from that day about. I happened to run, I ran away from my life. From that day time on We wasn't precisely the same Maya Elizabeth my parents new. I could not face my mother while using truth That i knew of. I failed to want to be the main one who destroyed her lifestyle. I didn't want to face her without wishing to tear up. So I avoided her just as much as I could. In the other hand, I couldn't have my eyes away my father. I just wanted to tell him so much nevertheless I just did not know where to begin. So rather than me damaging the life the two of these humans had been having, Choice to wreck mine. I always thought to me, maybe this can be my future? Recently I was diagnosed with beoing underweight. I starved myself to hold in the soreness of what I was feeling. I know it had been wrong however it was my own wake up contact to facing...