Essay about Merchant of Venice Crucial Quotations

Merchant of Venice Crucial Quotations


Prejudice – lack of patience


Contempt – hate / contemptuous = hateful /despicable

Villainised Shylock

Wise businessman/moneylender – cruel/ruthless

Theme of commitment predominates the scene

Experience a sense of compassion for Shylock due to treatment received Denigrate – for making someone think inferior

Vindictive – Revengeful

Camouflage – hide

Shylock can be cunning and wise – will be able to technique them

Sly Shylock is very wise in how he methods Antonio

‘A merry sport' – Remarkable irony – that isn't a cheerful transaction Impractical request for a clause

Shylock is deceitful/ full of treachery/trickery

Antonio is satisfied (over confident) does not understand he is being tricked – Similarity with Mercutio Venice – environment – likeness with R& J – Italy & Public place Reporting information that Antonio's ship wrecked – Imagine his loss Gossip – Rumours is going to predominate this kind of scene

‘My gossip – an honest woman'

Shakespeare makes this scene more interesting through the use of personification of gossip to emphasise that tragedy that Antonio is around to face. It builds anxiety as it forebodes the terms that has been drawn. ‘Good Antonio' – Depicts his figure as a lady further emphasised by the phrase ‘honest' Involving the two performs –look with the similarities in timing – Mercutio moving in for Romeo Solanio and Salerio – loyal to Antonio

Similarity of a jew – racial prejudice – a negative remark – reminds with the insult by simply Tybalt and Mercutio Shylock's entrance is similar to the tension that Tybalt produces R& J The punctuation ‘-,? -- tone of hostility (unfriendliness) There is a break down between Christian believers and Jews

Pun ‘ None as good, none perfectly as you' – discreetly taunting the boys Salerio – quite arrogant – freely acknowledges that he provides held the couple elope through the metaphor ‘The custom that built the wings' Solanio – further adding salt to injury – their lack of sensitivity toward Shylock Shylock is made...