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The moment reading both these articles the one that really stood out to me personally in terms of fascination was the content Women & Islam: The rise and rise of convert. This content really was standing out to myself because of the shocking statistics about how exactly many of the turns was women. During the last ten years 100, 1000 Britons have converted to Islam from their earlier religion and seventy percent of the converts were women (Peppiatt 1). This kind of statistic is up from the earlier decade which will only sixty, 000 British people had changed (Peppiatt 1). It is so curious to how come there is this kind of increase in the amount of converts into the religion of Islam and why so most of them are ladies. In the document it describes the different issues these women go through as they have converted from their previous religion with their current religion, Islam. In Smarts book worldviews you will find six proportions that he talks about and on the one that relates to this article is the Experimental dimensions. The part of the experimental dimension that is relevant is the numinous experience. A numinous knowledge is an experience that is awe-inspiring. This applies to the examining, specifically one of the stories towards end of the article. In the story of Nicola Penty-Alvarez, she covers how your woman got into the religion, what it meant to her daily life, and what happened to her beliefs after down the road. Nicola said the lady was always interested in the meaning of life and when your woman came across the religion of Islam the lady said " It all only clicked” (Peppiatt 3). This was the numinous experience that sent Nicola's life into the direction that she believed it should move and still left her in awe. Nicola felt extremely welcomed by the Muslim community. The reason she felt therefore welcomed was because of the community was mainly full of light converts. That wasn't a rare thing that community was mainly white converts nevertheless a normal issue for new turns. After a...