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Personal Extremism and the Internet

John E.

Dr . Erin S.

Respects English 118

3 Dec 2012

Personal Extremism and the Internet

David Weinberger, a former advisor to Howard Leader, said " Don't think from the Internet as a broadcast method... think of it as a conversational space. Conversation is a opposite of marketing. It's discussing in our own voices regarding things you want to hear about. " This attitude towards the aim of the internet is now more and more common. It is viewed by politicians and political advisors as an instrument for capturing the attention of your particular section of the general public. Being able to reach voters in such a broad scale has received an astounding effect on politics with this country. The web has allowed politics extremism to flourish in the past decade. These on the left side of the ideological range as well as all those on the correct are able to get sites that share identical views, while simultaneously the capacity to block out opposition views. The effect that this has on the outcome of elections is something that simply cannot be dismissed. The web has become one of the most successful tools in campaign retenue. Those who do not use the internet for political factors have also started to realize the ramifications the fact that internet may have about political extremism as well as politics in general. The rise in overall internet usage is leading to a greater in personal extremism and it is having a deep effect on the political talk in America. Voters tend to have somewhat conflicting views on the use of the net for personal purposes. The majority of believe that the net has the ability to present several different views on a particular issue, yet others believe it is hard to sort through each of the different sources (Smith). Several see it being a hindrance towards the political procedure because of the approach that erroneous information generally seems to circulate widely (Smith). Nevertheless , most people could agree it is up to each individual reader to make the determination in regards to what qualifies because an accurate and reliable supply. Fifty-six percent of all adult internet users declare they have difficulty determining which in turn political stories are accurate and those that are false (Smith). Yet , many users also think it is convenient to connect with those that reveal similar political views (Smith). Left wing media outlets keep a strong occurrence on the World Wide Web. Such sites tend to report both equally major and minor media stories having a left-leaning prejudice. This allows viewers of these particular sites to see one particular certain point of view on a history. The Huffington Post is one of the most well-known liberal reports outlets. It truly is run simply by Arianna Huffington who is the previous wife of any republican congressman; she switched her political beliefs in the late 1990s (Huffington). The Huffington Post was recently purchased simply by AOL in 2011 for over three hundred million dollars (Huffington). Someone buy has not stunted the site although, as it remains to be as popular as ever. The Huffington Post covers a vast array of topics ranging from governmental policies to funny (Huffington). During your stay on island have been several attempts to produce a conservative site in the same style while The Huffington post, these efforts haven�t seen the same success because the Huffington Post (Top 15). This maintains a significant readership for this reason wide variety that users get access to. However , politics topics usually dominate the front page, and they are thereby viewed by additional traffic from those just using the site intended for entertainment functions (Huffington). The way the Huffington Post displays its content creates a user friendly environment that will bring readers interested. Its use of catchy, and oftentimes misleading, headlines enables readers to skim front side page from the website and get an over perspective of the leading stories of the day. However , the most serious problem with sites just like the Huffington Content is all their refusal to hide stories that portray liberals in a negative way. This kind of bias was pointed out by simply Lee Stranahan who is...