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-most important form is a form of the good, highest form and the source of all other varieties - it represents sunlight in the allegory of the give, it illuminates and is the origin of the other varieties - every forms are an aspect of goodness- truth, bravery, wisdom and beauty can be an aspect of goodness - the greatest point we will gain details about, knowledge of costly end in by itself and gives that means and purpose to life. - Different varieties are established in a pecking order and most important forms is the form of the excellent. - We could recognize amazing benefits in the world since we know how they match our intuitive knowledge of the form of the good; we can discover what it is about the activities or the people who is good. -- true expertise is familiarity with goodness

-- a philosopher is somebody who loves intelligence and can recognise true knowlde - legitimate lover of wisdom the real ‘philosopher' would want to put that wisdom into practise simply by becoming a role model and teaching others and establishing an example - only unaware people decided to do bad mainly because they understand the difference between good and bad. -- people steal/lie because they are unaware of the sort of honesty -- if persons become philosophers and seemed for kind of good they are going to make very good moral decisions Evaluation with the concept of the forms

Forms could just be concepts persevered in people's brains. Richard dawkins referred to the passing upon of concepts like this since memes –(selfish gene) Are there really types of everything- Bandeja isn't really enthusiastic about forms of material objects yet he is considering the types of wisdom, real truth and magnificence. If there are forms of principles such as knowledge and fact then is there a form for bad things such as suffering and diseases? Bandeja doesn't obviously explain the web link between the forms and the material world. Elizabeth. g. precisely what is the link between your form of rights and instances of justice on the globe? The third person argument- place forwarded but Aristotle who also asks that if a man is a...