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General Qualification of Education (A-level) January 2012

Physics A (Specification 2450)


Unit a couple of: Mechanics, materials and surf


Tag Scheme

Draw schemes are ready by the Main Examiner and considered, alongside the relevant queries, by a panel of subject matter teachers. This kind of mark structure includes any amendments built at the standardisation events which usually all examiners participate in and is the scheme which was utilized by them through this examination. The standardisation process ensures that the mark scheme covers the students' responses to inquiries and that every examiner knows and does apply it inside the same appropriate way. While preparation for standardisation each examiner studies a number of students' scripts: substitute answers not already have the indicate scheme will be discussed and legislated pertaining to. If, following the standardisation process, examiners encounter unusual answers which have not really been increased they are instructed to refer these kinds of to the Principal Examiner. It must be stressed a mark structure is a working document, most of the time further created and broadened on the basis of students' reactions to a particular newspaper. Assumptions regarding future mark schemes based on one year's document ought to be avoided; although the guiding principles of assessment continue to be constant, information will change, depending on the content of the particular assessment paper.

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Mark Scheme – General Certificate of Education (A-level) Physics A – PHYA2 – January 2012

Guidance to Examiners 1 Give due credit for alternate treatments that happen to be correct. Provide marks so that is correct according to the tag scheme; usually do not deduct signifies because the make an effort falls in short supply of some great answer. In which marks are to be deducted pertaining to particular errors, specific instructions are given in the observing scheme. Will not deduct represents for poor written interaction. Refer the scripts for the Awards meeting if poor presentation prohibits a proper examination. In every single paper, individuals are examined on their top quality of written communication (QWC) in designated questions (or part-questions) that want explanations or descriptions. The criteria for the award of marks on each of your such issue are set out in the draw scheme in three groups in the next format. The descriptor for each and every band sets out the expected level of the caliber of written communication of physics for each band. Such quality covers the scope (eg relevance, correctness), sequence and presentation in the answer. Extreme of the level of physics expected in a good answer is set out in the very last row of the table. To travel to the tag for a prospect, their function should initially be assessed holistically (ie in terms of scope, sequence and presentation) to determine which band is appropriate then in terms of the amount to which the candidate's operate meets the expected level for the band. QWC Good - Excellent Modest - Adequate Poor -- Limited descriptor see particular mark system see particular mark system see specific mark system mark selection 5-6 three to four 1-2

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The information and/or description expected in a good answer should include a coherent accounts...