Essay about Payroll and Attendance Monitoring

Payroll and Attendance Monitoring

MRex Philippines Production Inc.

Presence Monitoring and Payroll System

Using Biometrics and Auto-Notification


Capinlac, Marjorie

Crescini, Cleyzelle

Sobre Chavez, Andrea Ellaine

Emata, John Eileen

Honrade, Reizel

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Trinidad, Abigail

Presented to:

Prof. Melani Castillo

Prof. Ruth Oclida

January several, 2013


A payroll strategy is a method of paying the employees of your company using a proper and compensation. The company can collect information about the worker, like term, address, age group and reflect this information into the payroll program. The system the actual complex computations, including withholding taxes and paid keep time, and spits out all the figures including the net amount paid to the staff. Attendance monitoring system with finger print out scanner is a computer system that monitors the existence of the employee every single working day. This product will determine the number of working days an employee are at present that will be forwarded for the payroll system which will be accustomed to the calculation of their net salary. It will likewise record enough time of their introduction at work, those who comes ahead and time and people who has the most numbers of tardiness. M-Rex Salaries System and attendance monitoring system with finger produce scanner will probably be an convenience to the organization. The admin's job should be to enter each employee's record just once inside the program. Admin will fill in the bare options with basic info on specific worker. Then it will probably be redirected to the payroll portion where the charge of spend, total earnings or a quantity of other options, the absences and taxes. If perhaps anything about the employee happens to change, then the admin can now get back and change specific data. Email-based and TEXT Notifications is going to notify the employees with their attendance report and other important detect through portable SMS and e-mail. STANDARD PROBLEM

Meters – Rex is applying an MS Excel primarily based payroll system which is out-of-date by the current technology. You will discover flaws in the computation of the employees' salary because a few of the additional spend is not supplied. They still find it very time intensive and it requires so much hard work to compute the earnings / salary. Another, scams usually happens it comes to presence recording/ credit reporting. SPECIFIC ISSUE

The company is definitely planning to expand their organization and to seek the services of additional workers. If this kind of happened their current payroll system cannot accommodate the quantity of their people because it will take a lot of time and energy for the admin to encode and monitor everything. With regards to the attendance of the employee there is that instance that the employee ripped off. Asking his or fellow employee to punch her dtr for the bundy time thus making it look like she or he is on time. Overtime pay is sometimes not included as well as the over break time can be not supervised as well. BASIC OBJECTIVE

Salaries plays an important role in the company for a few reasons as it keeps the records of the employee income, bonuses, and increments. Just about every employee watch for their income and the firms provide the salaries slips, including the depth information linked to the salary of the staff through the help of the attendance monitoring utilizing a biometric scanning device. It should provide simplicity to the company particularly the accounting office who manages the computation in the salary. Also, it is excited in presenting an accurate computation of the employees' compensation. Pertaining to attendance monitoring, it keeps records to be able and is often updated. The moment seeking employment, an employee can request specific reports to get printed range of motion the attendance-monitoring system. PARTICULAR OBJECTIVE

Is actually specific objective is to generate paychecks pay stubs. Computerizing this task helps you to save managers and business user's time and money; rather than reviewing period cards manually and calculating a check volume based on the hours worked, the salaries system ought to be designed to...