Negros Go pitapat, Disaster from your Unknown: a Reflection Paper

Negros Quake, Devastation from the Unidentified: a Reflection Daily news

Jeramie Janine B. RelloraGeol 1- THV

2008-17299Prof. Mario Aurelio

Wednesday March summer, 2012

Negros Quake, Tragedy from the Unidentified: A Reflection Daily news

When I first learned about the news by my elderly sister with regards to of what had happened in the North part of Negros, I was shocked to know that there was actually no particular fault collection declared and suspected ahead of in the explained affected region. In point of fact, just before I look at the article of my Professor during my Geology one particular class, My spouse and i theorized and argued to my sibling that it may not have been a " miraculous” disaster which usually God designed to vanish all of the evil actions and sinful persons on the planet. Science is not yet done searching for the particular people have to know about, that is why people still study, trying to find answers to all our inquiries. And that learning the earth is pertinent for us to be aware and knowledgeable about what is going on around us. Lucky enough, I am taking a geology class with a geoscientist mentor who specializes in the study of active problems and earthquakes.

Reading the article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer (as a required browsing material in our class) simply by our mentor, Dr . Mario Aurelio, it is very informing to learn that;

It is not truly a surprise that Negros Isle would be struck by a great earthquake of this magnitude (6. 9). A previous large earthquake with an approximate magnitude of 8 has been associated with the Negros Trench.. Negros Oriental Earthquake cannot be discussed directly by activity over the Negros Trench... There was zero clear evidence of a area ground split, prompting scientists immediately after the earthquake to point to a " blind” fault while the culprit. Because calculated by USGS, the FMS of the Negros Asian Earthquake suggested a thrust-fault mechanism. As there was no ground shatter associated with it, the problem that triggered the earthquake maybe even more aptly called a " impaired thrust fault”... Most of the injury to infrastructure may...