Negotiation Survey Mt Spencer Essay

Negotiation Survey Mt Bradzino

International Settlement & Bargaining

Preparation Activities for Broadcast 2

Ernesto Miguel Hernández Montes

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1 . - What, generally speaking, did you discover about settlement from the exercise? What astonished you? What would you carry out differently in case you had a chance to do the exercise once again?

In general We learned that trust plays an important role during negotiation; mainly because here in this kind of exercise and the most situations of negotiation at the beginning you experience a hard ambiance but to create rapport is not an option. Then you have to get focus in the interest of each person and not just defending your role. It was very good to all of us to open all of the issues to solve, so we can easily see the finish picture and not only one concern per time. This allows to work with give the options necessary to give and get and knowing what is the most subject to the additional person and for me. I had been surprised with one level I think was the point of the women throughout the excursion the two of us have the same interest, I noticed since my other part would like the same of me, and frequently you believe that usually will have opposition interests. Let me do distinct definitely to trust more in my spouse to be honest and since the pleading tell him these are the things that they are most important for me, what are yours..?

2 . - How would the actual outcome of the workout compare to the pre-negotiation strategy you developed? How do you associate preparation with outcome?

While my mentor mentioned that the Coach explained: Failing in prepare, can be preparing to are unsuccessful. You need to make your strategy and arguments to be consistent and explain very well the whys. I did not win in all the items that I wanted; but I did achieve the very best alternative to a negotiated arrangement (BATNA). Obviously they have a great correlation the greater you put together the more you achieve and vice versa.

3. -- How would the concepts of preparation, power (structural...