Mexican American War DBQ Essay

Philippine American Conflict DBQ

Anybody can argue that the Mexican-American was an without cause and unjustifiable war of aggression and territorial aggrandizement. It could also be argued which the war has not been unprovoked neither was it territorial aggrandizement. Realistically the war triggered, justifiable, rather than territorial aggrandizement. This notion is exemplified through the doc provided.

A huge contributor to the war was your Lone Star Republic of Texas. South america refused to realize the annexation of The state of texas. Mexico even stated that if the United states of america were to admit Texas towards the Union it will be considered an act of war. The simple fact that Mexico refused to realize the annexation of The state of texas, and endangered to go to conflict over it reveals one of the justifications that the war was not unjustified nor unprovoked.

The United States by no means tried to provoke the conflict actually quite the opposite. President Polk was discussing for peacefulness. Polk actually stated in his letter to Senator William H. Haywood (August 1845) that all army and naviero movement against Mexico always be strictly protecting. Polk did not want to be the aggressor. He also made it clear that if the Mexican Army would have been to invade Tx (which was now a part of U. S i9000. ) the fact that U. H. army could come with her aid, of course, if possible drive the Mexican army returning to its territory. This is one more fine sort of how this kind of war was provoked. Even though Mexico experienced declared war upon The U. S i9000. we declined to take the offensive, and only acted in self-defense.

While at the war with Mexico Chief executive Polk was still being trying to produce peace. Director Polk while using consultation of his case sent Ruben Slidell to Mexico. Slidell was provided for with an important mission, and that was to " adjust an everlasting boundary South america and the Usa States”. Just for this boundary adjustment to be produced Slidell would have to purchase a part of Upper Cal and Fresh Mexico. This was thought to be a much better boundary in that case from the Rio Grande's mouth area to the Passo. Polk was ready to pay out forty...