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1 . How can reducing abbreviations decrease errors?

Abbreviations are usually intended for convenience, in order to save space and also to avoid the problems of transliteration out the term fully. Short-hand are used in medical information and in medical language. Though the usage of short-hand do have some advantage and make the documenting easy and faster, there are several difficulties that could be experienced in using abbreviations in medical record. It causes it to be difficult to get the medical professional to understand effectively, takes much longer to train medical personnel, and it holds off proper individual care and frequently times this hinders individual care.

Therefore eliminating short-hand can reduce and avoid to certain magnitude some of these difficulties. Spelling the actual word will help understand the message properly and give the right sort of treatment or service because required. Appropriate communication becomes impossible when ever abbreviations are being used sparingly in documentation. " When we depend on abbreviations in our business composing, we start a process of " inbreeding” which may prevent all of us from clearly communicating our thoughts to people outside we, department, or discipline. Visitors are anxious when they view a bunch of abbreviations; rather than risk embarrassment by asking you what the abbreviations stand for, they'll examine without actually comprehending your message (or will skip your file altogether). For making your writing clear, employ abbreviations occassionaly and describe every abstract you do use. Always specify an abbreviation the first time you use it”. you


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2 . Should written rules be created for Abstract usage? If you do, what should the policies have? If simply no explain.

Yes, it is essential that written plans be produced for abbreviation usage. This will help to

in using the abbreviations effectively and will enough time consequent mistakes and troubles

in connection, especially in medical records...