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Marketing Plan, Initially Draft

Oriental Beauty Salon Sequence

DeVry University or college

Nov, 9, 2013

Table of Contents

1 . Professional Summary3

2 . Situation analysis3

2 . 1Market Summary4

installment payments on your 2SWOT Analysis8

2 . 3Competition10

2 . 4Service Offerings10

installment payments on your 5Keys to Success11

installment payments on your 6Critical Issues12

3. Marketing Strategy12

a few. 1 . Mission13

3. installment payments on your Marketing Objectives13

3. a few. Financial Objectives13

3. some. Target Market13

3. a few. Positioning15

several. 6. Strategies16

3. 7. Marketing Research17


1 ) Executive Brief summary

2 . Condition analysis

Oriental Beauty Salon Company is in the first 12 months of business as a start-up company, in fact it is preparing to start an elite asian beauty companies for the Arab American female community living in USA. The Arab American population has been developing rapidly resulting from immigration, substantial birth rate, and sales, it was believed that this season that Arab American community will kind % 0. 50 of total populace of the USA (Asi& Beaulieu, 2013). The U. H. Census Bureau estimates the Arab American population being approximately 1 . 4 million. However , the Arab American Institute (AAI) notes this estimate is definitely low due to a lack of comprehensive tracking. The AAI quotes the actual human population of Arabic Americans to be 3. 5 million (AAI, 2008). The median household income to get Arab People in america is $56, 331 which can be higher than the median profits for all U. S. homeowners (AAI, 2008). However , roughly 14% with the population lives below the low income line with all the figure elevating to over 28% for single mothers. The Arab American female community consists of many sub portions of different nationalities which include Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, Palestinian, Jordanian, Moroccan, Yemeni and others and with diversity in culture, physical types and racial experience, and desire. This niche market has never been offered at the personal level prior to. The common need among this kind of population can be an increasing demand for beauty and fashion solutions that combines contemporary American and traditional Arab cultures. Therefore , Arab American ladies are in need of a cost-effective00 one-stop, easy, beauty salon with workers who also are experienced in serving women and youngsters. In addition women wearing the veil include special faith based needs including a place to cut their hair without being exposed to guys. There is roundabout competition via salons owned or operated by Middle easterns, home based hair salons and spas and American beauty Salons. Nevertheless , such competition does not directly address the needs on this population and there is therefore the opportunity for Asian Beauty Salon. 2 . 1Market Overview

Oriental Salon possesses correct information about the market and has a intimate understanding of the common attributes of its most prized consumers. Oriental Beauty Salon will leveraging this information to comprehend who is dished up, their certain needs, and in addition they can be better served. Asian Beauty Salon's market includes woman inside the Arab American community across the United States who have prefer to keep their ethnic identity congruent with their physical appearance and anticipate be cared for and disseminated with in an individual way. Arab-American Muslim girls that veil really are a unique and neglected niche segment through this community. They need culturally delicate service within a comfortable and atmosphere simply because they do not expose their hair or perhaps bodies to men besides their partner or close male family members. The economic situation in the U. S. can be increasingly demanding families to possess a dual source of income which affects the already busy lives of Arab American mothers. A " one prevent shop” in which mothers may have their and their children's salon needs fulfilled will be an ideal contribution to the market. This information will be a wonderful finding to comprehend who is offered, what their particular specific requirements are and exactly how Oriental Beauty Salon will speak with them and their kids. The geographical concentrate on areas happen to be...

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