Laughter Dissertation


Robert Hintze

Professor Frank

The english language 110 College Writing

01 August 2014

Laughter is a Solution

The greatest of thinkers throughout history, philosophers like Aristotle have tackled this tiny problem, which will had usually seemed to allude, slip aside, escape only to reappear insisting upon the highest of philosophers. They try to observe, understand, the comic spirit with out as Henri Bergson says " we need to not try to imprison the comic soul within a definition" (Bergson 1). Comedy can be something you know it is like a universal terminology that attaches us. It helps the audience truly feel closer also to understand the other person; it can provide us with a connection regardless if we do not know the person. Therefore when authoring comedy the goal is usually to understand comedy instead of identifying it. Henri Bergson describes it because " limiting ourselves to watching develop and expand" (Bergson 1). Even though Sigmund Freud, who may have published essays on funny, my argue against this, Chris Harris's Why are Kids And so Dumb? A Defense is humorous depending on Bergson's theory of joy because the market laughs to alter the way Unites states youth landscapes school. Humor is a required human function that's found in society, " we giggle at people or items they do" (Bergson 3). If someone were to declare " LOL" outside the framework of a " text" or perhaps " chat room" (Harris 175) the audience would employ laughter, in order to avoid this action later on. Laughter can simply exist in the realm of contemporary society; you chuckle because you have an expectation of what is supposed to happen. When that expectation adjustments and an expected function occurs, the change in conditions becomes comic. Henry Bergson gives the model: " A guy running over the street and falls; the passers-by bursts out having a laugh. " (Bergson 5) The person falling suddenly causes us to laugh because the guy wasn't designed to fall " it was unconscious. " (Bergson 5). Today Americas youngsters use a whole lot...