It 218 Week 4 Checkpoint Composition

It 218 Week 4 Checkpoint

THAT 218 Week 4 Checkpoint

Jerimeh Knutson

IT 218

August twenty-four, 2012


IT 218 Week 4 Checkpoint

What are the definition and an example of a pointer?

A pointer can be defined as a memory address. To further explain this definition, we declared a variable of (name). It will look very much like this (int name). Every variable will certainly occupy some memory. At this point we will certainly declare one other variable to under (int name). This variable will probably be (int name-1), and now this kind of variable is declared being a pointer to (int name). What makes this a pointer is the fact that (name-1) factors towards (int name) in a memory storage space sense. Simply the pointer to (int name) is the articles of (int name-1). In simple terms, the tip is not really a variable by any means. It is the place a specific varying will store and access its info.

What are the meaning and one of an array?

An array is a variable that keeps more than more than one value, and an array can be combined with multiple variables for any more complex structure. An array can be declared much similar with any other adjustable. The only big difference is the quantity of elements is usually shown in brackets. One of an array will be look very much like these three: calories [ min ], 31 [ 7 ], and toes [ 12 ]. Each one of these arrays can be used given that it is suitable for the program.

What is the difference among a one-dimensional and a two-dimensional mixture?

A one dimensional array is a variable that holds multiple index benefit such as car [ 13 ]. A Two dimensional mixture will hold two different index values just like car [ 10 ] [ 6 ].