Is Experience the Best Teacher? Essay

Can be Experience the Ideal Teacher?



Daniel Guerrero

My own whole life Trying to find told practice is beneficial. Whether it's inside the tennis courtroom or in math school, the more you practice a thing, the better you become for it. In the last few years There is out that practicing and doing is not the same thing. Harry Callahan once said, _" experience is a good teacher" _ and without any doubt it is. You can sit five hours getting a business class or 10 hours in a tennis practice but right up until you go out to the real world and begin doing business with other folks or enjoy a real rugby tournament you wont _really_ LEARN. When ever experiencing issues we all make a few mistakes and producing mistakes, inside the broad plan of things, is good as long as we learn from them. Throughout the different experiences I've got through golf, my audio adventures and my organization deals, We have learned by my mistakes, picked me up from the beginning, and in the end grown as a human being.

About August 15, 2000 We stepped onto the tennis the courtroom for my own first golf lessons. I had previously attempted to play the sport but this very day I was determined to start a journey by which I could master it. After my initial real golf year, My spouse and i improved in an incredible rate, and went a summer season to the internationally known Nick Bolletierri Tennis Senior high in Bradenton, Florida. At merely 14 years old, I found myself with no my family and an unknown place, but that didn't end me by doing what I most loved, playing tennis. After that summertime I became adoringly obsessed with that sport and travelled the next two summers to Saddlebrook Tennis games Academy in Tampa These types of Florida, in which I polished my skills and did start to play a number of serious tournaments. The initial tournaments which i played made me realize that no matter how much I had fashioned practiced in the tennis court docket, this was not practice, and at first, my insufficient tournament knowledge, hindered my ability to conduct at my highest level. Inside the few tournaments that I performed...