Investigatory Project Essay

Investigatory Project

Phase 1

The situation and the Qualifications of the Analyze


Nowadays, mosquitos will be dominant and children need safeguard for these dangerous insects. Mosquitos are the cause of the disease, melindre. One way of preventing mosquitos can be using insect repellants. Among the problems in commercial insect-repellent is that it might damage skin and may end up being the cause of itchiness, swelling and eye irritations because of its damaging chemicals. For this reason the experts come up with the insect repellants like the get of citrus grass that may be safer to employ.

Significance in the Study

" lemon " grass includes citronella petrol which is safe to the human skin. Really just powerful as the commercial substance products, particularly when it's clean. Natural pest repellants happen to be better aside from they are less costly than the commercial ones. The constituents also, can easily protect you from pests at the same time you saved money and noticed safety.

We. Statement from the Problem:

The researcher looks for to answer the subsequent:

1 . Are you able to make an insect repellent out of lemon turf? 2 . Precisely what is the quality of the repellent when it comes to:

A. Smell

B. Texture

C. Cost (comparison table)

D. Performance (is it long-lasting, no . of bugs who drifted away) II. Hypothesis.

1 . Lemon lawn is a good substitute source of pest repellants. installment payments on your Lemon turf has a lemon scent suitable for insect repellants. 3. Lemon grass can be feasible because insect repellent.

3. Scope and Delimitation

The research is focused on the effectiveness of lemon lawn as insect-repellent. Researchers used lemon grass as key ingredient. This kind of study was conducted in Our Lady of Whim School of Quezon Town School Yr 2013-2014. It was evaluated by 10 chosen high school students.

4. Conceptual and Theoretical FrameworkOUTPUT

An pest repellant that is certainly:



Safe to Use


1 . Peel skin of garlic, in that case chop employing mortar and pestle.

2 . Wash lemon...