Inventory System Essay

Inventory System

CHAPTER I actually



If you live in the Israel and haven’t heard about Cd-r king, then you have been living under a mountain for at times. Cd-r king is well-liked media & technology providing franchise in the country. It's unfamiliar for its top quality but their products are fairly reliable. Cd-r king struck the jackpot feature years ago after setting the trend of advertising dirt-cheap recordable compact discs. Now they have more than 60 twigs all over the country. They provide computer gadgets at inexpensive price points. Their quest is to provide the latest technology at reasonable prices without extra cost and also to have the ability to deliver up to date technologies to the Philippine market with the newest computer related products and computer add-ons. The purchase and inventory of this business is currently using a traditional program which is manual. And when it comes to their revenue transaction, the log publication is the simply record that represents the whole transaction. They were doing not give any repository. They depend only for the names of items written on the log publication. Statement with the Problems

This kind of study hopes to create Custom-made sales and inventory system; specifically it can seek to solution the following question. 1 . Precisely what are the common concerns in controlling of the existing system? installment payments on your How may possibly the suggest system end up being describe and develop in thefollowingstages: 2 . 1 Program Planning

2 . 2 System Analysis

2 . 3 System Implementation

2 . 4 Program Development

installment payments on your 5 Program Testing

installment payments on your 6 Program Design

2 . 7 System Maintenance

three or more. How may the worker and the costumer of Cd-r king assess the propose system in term of: three or more. 1 Accuracy

3. two Speed

3. 3 Time

3. four Effectiveness

several. 5 Efficiency

4. Precisely what are the advantage and benefits to the company of the study? Goals of the Analyze

The following are the main functions of the proponent to improve this study and provide a better and useful system. 1 . To improve the current system, from a traditional manual system to computerized one. 2 . To reduce the attendant efforts in managing and monitoring revenue reports and inventory. three or more. To provide an easy to use and organized purchase of the customers and the employee. All the necessary information necessary for the purchase will be immediately provide by simply few click on the computer 5. For that security, no one is allowed to delete and add item without the admin permission. 5. With regards to Smaller reporting the automatically give report of all of the transaction produced. Transaction and reports revenue will be very easily traced

Range and Delimitation

The proposed program, Customized Product sales and Inventory System is going to replace the manual program used by Cd-r king.

The Personalized Sales and Inventory System shall be utilized company's administrator to access the eye or compute the twelve-monthly strain with out problem in sales, and it is centered on the revenue transaction/reports and inventory.

Significance of the Study

These are the value of this research for this:

The Company

They may get more benefits in their work at the growth and development of all their company The consumer

This analyze will help those to save some to avoid difficulty in buying an item.

The Part head

This will help them lessen their burden on controlling the revenue and inventory. To help them, lessen time consumption in every deal to be able to manage more consumers. And this pitch will help them to have an easy monitoring and organized transaction. And the most important thing is to have got accurate records of all deal for revealing. The Cashier

It helps these people in managing the transaction report and easy to compute the amount the customer will pay and the buyer change. The Proponents

This kind of study can help them in improving all their knowledge in analyzing and developing a system, and to teach their expertise, where useful to them for...