Communication Plan Essay

Communication Plan

Connection Plan


The Midwestern Medical Group's Integration Voyage


Sherrie Fraley, Natalie Leavitt and Wendy T. Velin

HCS 586 Medical Strategic Supervision

Dr . Dorrie Straus, Facilitator


The " Marriage” of two distinct businesses can be a fantastic opportunity it will also be a very difficult and in many cases painful scenario. The ladder is more true for the integration of the Midwestern Health System and Midwest Health Prepare in 1994. The vision was stable, " to offer an integrated medical system to the people who live and work in the communities we provide. ” Business Governance is an excellent tool for the integration of two significant systems, the ability for a table of administrators to include most members of the organization which include physicians, standard local business men and top operations, is a good tool of implementation, but can the Midwestern hostipal wards and clinics work together intended for betterment of patient attention.


Midwestern Overall health System (Midwestern) has been portion of the community as 1994 which is one of the major organizations inside the area. It is important for the overall strategy in just about any organization to assure communication coming from those in power will be " consistent” and executed " step-by-step. ” Midwestern has set forth its pursuits while analyzing it limitations. It's extended goal of implementation of strategies and consistently reviewing its challenges is mentioned as the priorities continue to be building an integrated system and improve community health. The important thing players including the executive command continue to develop areas of improvements to ensure the perspective behind the plan is on course -- " give an integrated medical care system to affordably improve the health of individuals living and working in areas we serve” (Swayne, 2008). Change initiatives or ideal information

Change is usually part of everyday life, especially in the medical industry. Recently Midwestern Medical Group built-in to become a portion of the Midwestern Well being Systems. Midwestern Health Systems set economic goals and also anticipated a loss. Midwestern Health Plan experienced a similar loss and has as rebuilt using the Market Business Segment Business structure. The Leader of Midwestern Health Devices soon unveiled the plan to implement the industry Business Segment Business Model in to Midwestern Health Systems and Midwestern Medical Group. This course of action required shifting from three divisions to 2 divisions. Implementing this change required that almost all communication remain open among divisions. The objective of this model should be to help the several divisions to become less conflicting and reduce the quantity of tension present between divisions. The decision-making is left to the sections. They constitute the plan and develop ways to implement the routine so that it may be successful. Midwestern Medical Group experienced failures (Swayne, 2008). Midwestern Wellness Systems bundled a change that they hoped will ease stress and prevent economical losses within the two diverse divisions. Leadership is an important a part of change and alter initiatives. The attitude that leaders think about their personnel can identify the failure or success of integrating change inside the organization. If a change can be implemented, it may go through a process that is referred to as implementation dip. This means that as soon as the change continues to be implemented personnel may move through a period in which they think that they do not have skills to accomplish, or they are really less confident in their capabilities. It is important that a leader recognize this when applying new alter initiatives in to an organization (Fullan). Challenges and Barriers

Integrating existing individually functioning divisions of your health care corporation into simply two categories can be a difficult task. Very often, there is certainly resistance to alter and the incorporation of new procedures within an firm. Resistance will come because of...

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