Importaance of Computer Consciousness Program Article

Importaance of Computer Understanding Program

106 | Innovations in nonformal Education

An Innovative Way of Adult Ongoing Learning:

The Computer Literacy Training

Program for Underserved Villagers

in Malaysia

My spouse and i. Introduction

Training for adults in Malaysia is definitely an old tradition. Providers of continuous education programmes include numerous organizations just like government agencies, exclusive companies and NGOs. Nevertheless, there is no particular system or perhaps structure that allows us to compile all these various programs for the purpose of research and understanding. Furthermore, these programmes will be seldom written about for use as models for others. Thus, with the 1999 ARTC Technical Getting together with held in Seoul and organised by the Korean language Educational Development Institute (KEDI), UNESCO PROAP undertook the work of offering a number of impressive projects in its Member Countries including Malaysia. Consequently, the meeting decided with the recommendation that Malaysia conduct research on the setup of a training programme pertaining to underserved adults. The computer literacy training plan was selected for this study.

Development context and situational analysis

Being a developing nation, Malaysia consistently plans and implements development programmes through government agencies while using co-operation from the private sector and NGOs. The recent rapid expansion ofAn Impressive Approach to Adult Lifelong Learning: Malaysia | 107 info and communication technology (ICT) has important implications for every these programs. Thus Malaysia has embarked on the development of a great ICT task through the Multi-media Super Corridor (MSC). The MSC, which was launched more than a decade ago, provides the system, policies and practices to get ICT related companies to build up more liberally and effectively. ICT advancement in Malaysia

The MSC is a catalyst for the introduction of an information world in Malaysia. Therefore , the country's development should be in tandem with all the development of ICT in both equally urban and rural areas. Without a well-balanced rural and urban ICT growth, the vision for Malaysia to be a developed region by the 12 months 2020 is not going to become a reality. Malaysia's Vision 2020, as explained by Excellent Minister Mahathir Mohamed in 1991, stresses the requirement of strong growth in the support sector to complement growth inside the manufacturing sector. Equitable growth in the two sectors increases productivity and improve the quality of life in Malaysia. Compared to different countries in the region, the current ICT growth in Malaysia can be sluggish. For instance , the Internet use rate for Malaysians happens to be at 6. 9 per cent compared to 24 per cent in Singapore, 20. 6 percent in Taiwan, 36. 2 per cent in Hong Kong, 30. 6 % in Australia, and 34 percent in Korea. Problem assertion

Rural development in Malaysia requires endured and exponential efforts. Ground breaking programmes must be effectively prepared, implemented and evaluated. Those efforts, the 52 per cent of the population who are in the rural areas will be forgotten and marginalized in the advancement the country. Equally, ICT advancement in the countryside areas lags far behind that of the urban areas regarding infrastructure services, usage and education. In addition, accurate information concerning the position of ICT growth in rural areas is still not available. This is due to the lack of empirical studies and info compilation in this area despite the living of constant ICT-related programmes for many years.

Certain objectives from the study

1 . To describe the planning and implementation process of computer system literacy training programmes or perhaps projects pertaining to underserved adults

2 . To recognize the demographic characteristics of participants in the computer literacy training programme 3. To describe the changes in knowledge, attitude and hope of the laptop literacy schooling programme members

Rationale and importance of the study

Efforts to minimize the cash flow...