Hospitalization and Aging Exploration Paper

Hospitalization and Aging

Hospitalization and Aging

Three years ago I had a car accident and needed to stay in the hospital pertaining to half a month. In addition to the discomfort from the damage, the thing My spouse and i disliked the most was merely being inside the hospital. Aside from the restricted visitor time each day, I stayed in bed and was fed up and lonesome all the time. I shared my own room with an approximately 60-year-old female for a few days just before I was released from the hospital. During the your five days, her only visitor was her daughter who have came and visited 2 times. I seldom knew my " roommate”; however , while i tried to think about myself at the age of 60, staying in a hospital would not always be my options because Personally, i perceive it as unfamiliar environment that would further result in more adverse emotions just like anxiety, confusion, loneliness and confusion. In spite of the professional products, which is specifically available in the hospital, I believe hospitalization has bad influences on seniors' process of aging because many hospitals shortage adequate and specified remedies for seniors and hospital stays improve the potentiality intended for patients to build up other complications. Many older people choose to be in the private hospitals due to critical and devastating physical and mental disorders, however a large number of hospitals you do not have enough and specified medical equipment to satisfy the demands of older people (Palmer, 2009). Furthermore, mistreatment and medical mistakes might significantly speed up the already suffering abilities of seniors. Studies indicated that an individual's general cognition rejected two times more quickly than his or her pre-cognitive potential prior hospital stays (Cohan, 2012), the effect was mirrored more clearly on elderly patients who may have longer hospitalization time (Cohan, 2012). Usually hospitalization provides patients with firm stay-in-bed period, the lack of frequent physical activity, complications such as striking clots, constipation and depression could begin to appear (Palmer, 2009). Older persons are more...

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