Hk Organic Industry Analysis Paper

Hastkrafter Organic Industry

1 ) 1 . 1Organic Industry in Hong Kong

Eco-fish will be a great addition to the already flourishing organic food industry in Hong Kong. The organic and natural sector in Hk has knowledgeable dramatic progress in recent years because of rapidly rising demand for such category of products therefore the sector is going more toward main stream. The local companies are large enough to support both huge and little players. Consequently initiatives like the opening of Asia's most significant retailer for natural and certified organic food in Hong Kong highlight this craze. Thus presently there are over 300 impartial natural and organic stores. In terms of organic and natural vegetables, the area industry anticipates there are approximately 10, 1000 regular consumers of organic vegetables, and 100, 1000 non-regular consumers. Currently the require exceeds supply and therefore more than 60 long-abandoned plots of varying sizes in New Territories will be converted into organic and natural farms, and many farms in the Pearl Water Delta have also switched to organic farming.

The Hk SAR Federal government also delivers ample support to boost the progress of organic farming and documentation in Hk. The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Section helps members to spread local organic and natural vegetables throughout the Vegetable Promoting Organization (VMO) as a part of the Organic Change Scheme. A voluntary scheme is work by the section to approve good quality fish with " accredited seafood farm" logo design tagged with their fins to be able to restore the public's self-confidence following the malachite green scares. Moreover, the Hong Kong Organic and natural Resources features implemented a number of quality-control measures – close to 40 organic facilities have been certificated so far.

1 ) 1 . 2Eco-fish Industry in Hong Kong

Hong Kong fishing industry is facing two key issues: weakness and undervaluation. In search of ways to improve and tackle the complexity of such problems, we will certainly highlight the roots bringing about such problems...