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Advanced schooling of Cultural Science

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A great Empirical Research on Speaking Proficiency Working out for Chinese EFL Learners

MOTHER Ruixue1, *; MA Zejun2; WANG Yijing3

Lecturer, primary research areas are EFL teaching, second language acquisition and intercultural interaction. School of Foreign Languages, Dalian University or college of Technology, Dalian, Liaoning, China * Corresponding creator. 2, several School of Foreign Dialects, Dalian School of Technology, Dalian, Liaoning, China Supported by the Fundamental Exploration Funds to get the Central Universities (Number: DUT11RW412& DUT10RW413) and Liaoning Social Research Fund (Number: L11DYY032). Received 26 August 2011; approved 20 January 2012

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In China, the rapidly developing economy contributes to an increasing demand for talents well-equipped with not only professional expertise but also proficient english language proficiency. Since the 21st century deep and nation-wide reforms have been completely undertaken in English teaching, for instance, with expansion of English vocabulary education in to the primary programs (Zhao, 2008). In spite of having obtained for a longer time period of vocabulary training, yet the learners' performance is not really satisfactory, specially in speaking. In job selection interviews given by foreign companies, they are really too worried to make a short self-introduction. The majority of Chinese overseas students discover language is a biggest hurdle that helps prevent them from getting used towards the new environment.

Improving students' speaking effectiveness has always been challenging for Oriental EFL teachers. With the traditional training mode students acquired low motivation to speak, insufficient exposure to real language type, inadequate teachers' instruction upon social tactics and no collaborative learning environment to find a partner to practice British with. Taking pictures solving the abovementioned complications of classic training setting, the research suggests a multi-dimensional training mode with DV as its mass media, task as the center, cooperative learning as its form, grounds English local speakers as its resources, textbooks as its content. Results of the empirical study prove the mode to work in elevating the students' levels of speaking proficiency, sociable strategy and motivation. Key phrases: EFL Educating in China Context; Speaking Proficiency Schooling; Task-based Learning; Cooperative Learning; DV MUM Rui-xue, MA Ze-jun, WANG Yi-jing (2012). An Empirical S capital t u m y o n T p e a k i actually n g P ur o farreneheit i c i e n c y Tr a i n i n g f o r C h my spouse and i n elizabeth s elizabeth E N L L e a ur n electronic r t. H we g l e r E m u c a capital t i to n um f T o c i a l H c we e in c elizabeth, 2 ( 1 ), 2 6th 3 1 . Av a i d a m l e f 3rd there’s r o m: U 3rd there’s r L: l t to p: / / t w w. c t c a n a d a. n electronic t as well as i in d e x. php/hess/article/view/j. hess. 1927024020120201. 2640 DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968/j.hess.1927024020120201.2640.



The insufficient ability of using the vocabulary in traditional world is due to the problems of traditional EFL teaching system. Students have been facing pressure of The english language written exams ever since that they started improving proficiency in english. They are facing entrances tests for junior high universities, senior large schools, universities, graduate admission exams, PhD entrance exams. Even after graduation there are English exams for a advertising. Almost non-e of these significant English exams includes common competence analysis. Consequently British teachers undertake teaching techniques no more than grammar translation and audiolingual strategies with focus on accuracy of grammar and memorization of words, ignoring the expansive goal of language learning. This research summarizes the several reasons for the learners' low speaking proficiency problems beneath traditional terminology teaching system into the pursuing four " LACKS”. 1)Learners lack determination to practice speaking. Adequate...

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An Empirical Analyze on Speaking Proficiency Practicing Chinese EFL Learners

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