Houston We now have Three Heroes Essay

Houston We Have 3 Heroes

Monique Hernandez

Group Dynamics

Apollo 13

" Houston, we now have three heroes”

Once a group is formed, that continues to grow and develop with time. According to Bruce Tuckman, there are four stages of group expansion; forming, storming, norming, and performing. To provide an example of each stage, the film Apollo 13 is a superb example. Any group who have puts to use these 4 stages can accomplish much more than one man. At the start with the film the group can be training and preparing for all their launch to walk for the moon. Developing is a period characterized by stress and uncertainty about belonging to the group. A single important hurdle that occurred was that among the group associates Ken Mattingly had been subjected to German measles, he had no immunity to the disease, nevertheless NASA would not want to chance him falling sick during virtually any critical levels of the trip. Jack Swigert was at first part of the backup crew for the quest. He was given just 3 days before the mission to exchange Ken Mattingly due to the measles issue, all of that training, getting yourself ready for the start and time together to bring in a bachelor who was a rookie, which in turn did not sit down well whatsoever with the other members, being unsure of if he'd be able to do something properly with his inexperience. Certain with all this kind of energy about I'm sure there is a lot of doubt, anxiousness, and uncertainness going around regarding belonging to the group. Storming is the next stage in the group development levels. Storming may be the competition, individuality, and discord emerges since group associates try to meet their individual needs. An example of storming would be the replacing Ken Mattingly. It brought a lot of competition between them, because Ashton kutcher felt he previously more experience and knowledge and was more certified than Jack port. To find the norming stage with this film was without difficulty. Norming is seen as a attempts to solve earlier issues, often by negotiating obvious guidelines to get the group. When they launched into space...