Hannah Searle Essay

Hannah Searle

How far is it appropriate to consider The Importance of Being Solemn as a Satire on the hypocrisy of ‘polite' British contemporary society?

It can be argued that Oscar Wilde's The value of Being Solemn and Other Takes on (2000) explores in depth thinking about satire around the hypocrisy of ‘polite' Uk society. Schwanzgeile uses remarkable language to amplify the satirical characteristics of the perform; by using irony and satire he is able to make fun of the polite Victorian etiquette. The play is set in middle school Victorian London, uk, and was written in 1895. Schwanzgeile was distinguished for being a dandy and somewhat of an extravert, therefore, the fact this individual wrote ‘a trivial comedy for critical people' (2000, p. 291) can be seen while satirical as a result of his frivolous nature and attitude towards earnestness. Once Gwendolen meets Cecily, they are under the phony pretence that both of them have to be married to Ernest. As a result of laws of social etiquette that completely outclassed throughout the Even victorian era, they're both exceptionally polite to one another to maintain the social norms, for example Gwendolen (2000, g. 333) says ‘I as if you already more than I can say' within her introduction to Cecily. As the conversation progresses, it's obvious to see that they both equally believe they're engaged for the same man, Ernest, yet the dramatic irony is that there is not any Ernest, and they are in fact interested to two separate men who also simply claim to be Ernest. Their a reaction to this falsehood is, rather than confronting one another, to maintain their façade and not react to some of the fowl issues they do to each other. Cecily deliberately spoils Gwendolen's tea and cake, and even though it's coldly obvious, Gwendolen simply carries on the well mannered façade. This relates to the satire upon polite English society since Oscar Schwanzgeile is arguably mocking the Victorian attitude towards confrontation and social etiquette by increasing the drollery of it. Each goes to wonderful lengths to avoid the conflict which contributes to the satirical humour in the play. The...

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