Essay about Graphic Organizer Satarical

Graphical Organizer Satarical

Assignment: Outlining a Satirical Disagreement

Directions: Inside the chart below, describe three problems with culture today. Following, explain a satirical solution to each difficulty, and in the 3rd column, explain the meant " benefits” which will derive from the rendering of this " solution. ” At the bottom, identify an ACTUAL answer to one of the problems listed.

Issue: The Polluting of the environment all over the world.

Solution: Get together as a community and operate 30 minutes per week to reduce the amount of trash on the globe. ( like this will help lol ) Rewards: Less rubbish, No rancide smells, solution enviorment, a much better living place for everyone, and a more happy community around the globe. Problem: Criminal offenses

Option: Let everyone in the world in world have access to guns and then not any body can fight above weapons and it just may possibly decrease criminal offense rate. Benefits: Crime rates will go down. You will have less assault in the world. Trouble: Poverty all around the world.

Option: Less pet shelters for the homeless, careers that the homeless are not capiable of doing to have a start in lifestyle. Benefits: It is going to get the destitute off the streets and functioning. It will produce our ecomony better and our cities and cities a better place to live in. (Not)

Set a paragraph in which you describe a real solution that you would want to end up being implemented.

An actual solution for pullution I would like to occur is that in each and every city they need to come up with a number of individuals that are in charge of for cleaning the city monthly. I believe this will make each of the citys seem so much cleaner and nicer and elimante a lot of the air pollution that goes upon in the world. Im not to sure on alternatives for this individual air polution other than the world trying to come up with other options when you use fuel in cars and airplanes other than gas. Whenever we used other options instead of just gas there would be many less atmosphere pullution. Other pullution concerns can be reduced by using...