Essay on garuda



Prudente, Gabriel

Ricafort, Victor

Untalan, Jolo

Valencia, Jester

I. Period Context

January 6, 1988

2. Viewpoint

Mr. Mohammad Soeparno

President Director – Garuda Indonesia Airways

3. Major Coverage Statement

Garuda Indonesia Airways can be an Indonesian airline firm who is likewise the official banner carrier of Indonesia plus the 2nd most significant airline company in terms of plane fleet goals to be one of many top 10 choice of airlines simply by come 12 months 2000. 4. Current Organization Policies

A. Marketing

1 . Resumption of serving appetizers and carbonated drinks on brief domestic plane tickets. 2 . Designed Better Memento Items

several. Promotes Exclusive Class Kind of flights

5. Introduced " Visit Indonesia Air Complete with a few different packages. B. Finance

1 . Rental of training facilities to other airline firms.

2 . Received a net income of three hundred Million Rupiah from its procedures. C. Procedures

1 . An inventory of 77 aircrafts

2 . Interchange agreement with Continental Airlines

several. In flight Migration inspection in Tokyo-Jakarta Bali flights V. Social Responsibility

VI. Affirmation of the Issue

In what way can Garuda Indonesia Airways reinforce its guidelines and enhance their ticketing program? VII. Assertion of the Objectives

Short Selection Objectives

1 ) To establish a great set of organization policies that will somehow eliminate the bad reputation of Garuda Indonesia. 2 . To cure the ticketing system of the company ahead of the quarter ends. 3. To improve sales simply by at least 5”% at the conclusion of the yr Long Range Goals

1 . To get one of the planet's top 10 by year 2150.

installment payments on your To become planet's largest air travel company regarding plane fast by yr 2000 three or more. To increase sales by in least twenty percent before income taxes annually. VIII. SWOT Evaluation

A. Durability

1 . The organization has a very good management.

2 . The organization is broadening

3. It is the biggest aircarrier in the the southern area of hemisphere.

4. Higher Financial Growth in Asian Countries.

B. Weak point

1 . Poor...