Geography Location of Portugal Essay

Geography Location of Greece

Answer one particular

The mountains helped develop the city-states by simply separating them. The bays provided harbors for ships, and the coast was fertile, so they will could farmville farm. They used the seas for control and transport.

Solution 2

A single effect was that because of the terrain features, the island chains and mountainous areas, it was sometimes difficult to travel and leisure from town to town (this is definitely one explanation they had metropolis states in the first place) Therefore , after time the cities began to make their own laws and traditions, and in addition they had rivalries with other city-states.

Answer 3

The geography of Greece influenced the city-states in a great number of ways. This list can be not thorough, but says several crucial ways that the geography afflicted the City-States:

1) Minimal Terrain Travel: The Greek Landmass (Thrace, Epirus, Boetia, Attica, and the Peloponnesus) is among the most mountainous and hilly land in most of The european union, making property travel between city-state little. It also directed their work away from expanding their influence primarily more than land and explains for what reason non-coastal regions of Greece required the longest to develop.

2) Ocean Travel and Naval Power: Most of the city-states were fairly close to the normal water, especially those found on Crete, Cyprus, the Dodecanese Islands, or Cycladic Destinations. Greek city-states favored sea travel which has been more reliable and cost-effective than land travel around. As a result, various city-states had strong navies as opposed to having strong armies. (Sparta is a one major exception to that particular rule. )

3) Chronic Disunity: Because of the frequency of strong navies, the difficulty of land travel, plus the presence of many invasion choke-points (the most well-known being Thermopylae), the Traditional city-states were never entirely unified right up until Alexander the truly amazing conquered them all. (Sparta do defeat Athens in the Peloponnesian War, but only held onto that victory for any very short period of time. In addition , Spartis never widened its power into Boetia...