Geo Hw Essay

Geo Hw

Jackie Wong

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1 . TROUBLE 7. 2


L=300 mm

h=500 logistik

A=175 cm2

Water collected in 3min=620 cm3

Gap ratio of sand=0. 54.99


a) Hydraulic conductivity, k (cm/sec)

k=QLAht=620 cm3*30 cm175cm2*50cm*3min*60sec1min=0. 0118cmsec

b) Seepage velocity

vs=v1+ee, v=ki, i=hL→vs=khL1+ee=0. 011850cm30cm1+0. 580. 58=

vs=0. 0536 cm/sec

2 . PROBLEM several. 6

GIVEN-Falling head permeability test:

Period of soil specimen=700 mm

Part of the soil specimen=20cm2

Area of the standpipe=1. 05 cm2

∆h at period t=0 can be 800mm

∆h at time t=8minis 500 mm

Assume that quality was executed at 20в„ѓ, and at 20в„ѓ, Оіw=9. 789kNm3and О·=1. 005*10-3 N*sm2.


a) Overall permeability with the soil

k=2. 303aLAtlog10h1h2=2. 3031. 05*7020*8log10800500=0. 216 cm/min K=kО·Оіw=0. 216cmmin*1min60sec1. 005*10-3 N*sm29. 789kNm3=3. 7*10-10m2 b) What is head difference for time t=6min?

k=2. 303aLAtlog10h1h2в†’0. 216cmmin=2. 3031. 05*7020*6log10800h2 h2=562. a few mm

several. PROBLEM a few. 2

Frequency 5. one particular: GI=F200-350. 2+0. 005LL-40+0. 01F200-15(PI-10)

Eq 5. 2: GI=0. 01F200-15PI-10


1 . If Frequency. 5. you yields a poor value intended for GI, it can be taken as zero. 2 . The group index calculated coming from Eq. a few. 1 is definitely rounded off to the nearby whole quantity. 3. There is no upper limit for the group index

4. The group index of soils owned by groups A-1-a, A-1-b, A-2-4, A-2-5, and A-3 is usually 0. 5. When determining the group index for soils that belong to organizations A-2-6 and A-2-7, utilize the partial group index intended for PI, or Eq. your five. 2 . Sort the soil using the AASHTO classification system and give the group index:

Sample Calculation for Ground No . one particular:


Via Table a few. 1в†’F200=50> 36 min., LL=38< 40max, PI=9< 10max Dirt No . you is A-4(GI)

GI=F200-350. 2+0. 005LL-40+0. 01F200-15PI-10

=50-350. 2+0. 00538-40+0. 0150-159-10

GI=2. 5в†’rounded to 3в†’Classification of Dirt No . 1 is A-4(3)

Sieve analysis (percent finer)

Soil Number | No . 10| No . 40| No . 200|...