factors effecting employee fulfillment Essay

factors altering employee pleasure


Muhammad Omer Farooq

Thesis published to the Lahore School of Economics

In partial completion of the requirements for the degree of [Major in Financial and Slight in Math and Statistics]



Supervised by: [Mehrukh Javaid]


I approve that Muhammad Omer Farooq, id Number 10U0354 Treatment 2010 to 2014 provides carried out and completed the study project eligible " Elements Effecting Staff Motivation in Telecom Companies of Pakistan” under my personal supervision for requirement for being Degree of Bachelors in Business Administration Honors by Lahore School of Economics. Research director Mehrukh Javaid PhD College student

Senior Educating Fellow Lahore School of Economics ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

I would like expressing my gratitude to all people who helped me during the whole of my task. I gratefully acknowledge the assistance of my director; Ms. Mehrukh Javaid (PhD Scholar) who may have offered myself valuable ideas in the academics studies. In all of final job, she has spent much time to assist me and provided myself with motivating advice. Without her patient instructions, insightful criticisms and expert guidance, the completion of this task would not have been possible. Eventually, my appreciation also extends to my family and friends who have been assisting, helping and tending to me all of my life. Material

TOC \o " 1-3" \h \z \u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc385258686 \h 6Chapter one particular: Introduction PAGEREF _Toc385258687 \h 71. 1Significance of the Research PAGEREF _Toc385258688 \h 71. 2 Distance and contribution: PAGEREF _Toc385258689 \h 71. 3 Study Questions: -- PAGEREF _Toc385258690 \h 8Chapter 2: Materials Review PAGEREF _Toc385258691 \h 102. 1: Burnout: -- PAGEREF _Toc385258692 \h 102. 2: Doing work Conditions: - PAGEREF _Toc385258693 \h 112. 3: Work Satisfaction: - PAGEREF _Toc385258694 \h 132. 4: Benefits: - PAGEREF _Toc385258695 \h 142. a few Theoretical Platform: - PAGEREF _Toc385258696 \h 17Chapter three or more: Data and Methodology PAGEREF _Toc385258697 \h 193. 1 Sample Size Determination: -- PAGEREF _Toc385258698 \h 193. 2 Data Collection: -- PAGEREF _Toc385258699 \h 193. 3 Operational Definitions: - PAGEREF _Toc385258700 \h 193. 4 Methodology: - PAGEREF _Toc385258701 \h 21CHAPTER 4: RESULTS AND ANALYSIS PAGEREF _Toc385258702 \h 214. 1 Data Evaluation: - PAGEREF _Toc385258703 \h 224. a couple of MEASUREMENT VERSION (Confirmatory Aspect Analysis) PAGEREF _Toc385258704 \h 224. a few Reliability: -- PAGEREF _Toc385258705 \h 244. 3 Hypothesis Testing Effects: - PAGEREF _Toc385258706 \h 254. some Model Suit PAGEREF _Toc385258707 \h 26CHAPTER 5: DISCUSSION PAGEREF _Toc385258708 \h 28CHAPTER 6: RESTRICTIONS PAGEREF _Toc385258709 \h 30CHAPTER 7: MANAGERIAL IMPLICATIONS PAGEREF _Toc385258710 \h 30CHAPTER almost eight: CONCLUSION PAGEREF _Toc385258711 \h 31Bibliography PAGEREF _Toc385258712 \h 32QUESTIONNAIRE PAGEREF _Toc385258713 \h 36APPENDICES PAGEREF _Toc385258714 \h 40LAHORE UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS PAGEREF _Toc385258715 \h 44SUPERVISOR-TRAINEE CONTRACT PAGEREF _Toc385258716 \h 44 AbstractOne of the methods to improve staff performance is motivation; which is one of the important factors in Human Resource Management. Motivation systems happen to be planned by HR section to effect employees to do their best efforts and also attract high potential candidates, that is why, organizations ought to know that mindset factors significantly influence their employees. The key aim of the existing study is to find out...

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