Essay regarding Evaluating the Research Process

Evaluating the study Process

Assessing the Research Method

How may be the literature review used in this research?

The literature with this paper or review through this research is to see readers regarding the problem that US might have with young pregnancy and what the effects and solutions that proper care in place. This can be a well inform review regarding the ages with the teens different reasons for the matter and precisely what is needed to be performed about it. There are also data by hospitals and other sources on this topic that pin factors the problem currently happening. It gives the proportion of teens that are pregnant each year and their partners who have are facing unwanted pregnancy. It also uses surveys from your National junior risk behavior. It goes on to tell you that the distinct methods of contraception used in the different years and why it can be used. There is some data that is demonstrating that there is not really the right amount of connection from the father and mother and/or adults of these teens. And there were a major insufficient sex education and explains the major effects for the mothers plus the child. Exactly what are ethical concerns for data collection?

The honest considerations that a person would be aware in this assessment is that there are numerous surveys that have been used to get the information one would need on this subject, for example , through the National Vital Statistics Program, national Youngsters Risk Tendencies Survey, LARCs from the says of Arkansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, Ok, and The state of texas. There is also a lot of information that is collected through the different private hospitals that the teenagers go to for medical treatment and to give labor and birth at. Another place the data would be accumulated from is definitely health care clinics, plan parenthood and other beginning preventions places that are to get low cash flow families can look to. it shows the different contests that are troubled by the lack of education about sex and the need for teens to talk to their parents and be well-informed about this growing problem. There may be charts and graphs that shows the growth of...