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The short history " This Demon, ” by Pearl S. Buck and the short story " Top Guy, ” by James Ramsey Ullman have some comparison commonalities in the main characters. The main figure for The Demon is Mrs. Wang. She is an old China female from a village. And the main persona of Top Man is definitely Martin Nace. Nace was obviously a set on climbing Mount Kalpurtha, (K3). Both equally Mrs. Wang and Nace were unselfish and compassionate. They have knowledge from a past harmful experience and try to protect others from the same fate as the ones that they had lost previously to these dangers. In the end the two main heroes gave up their particular lives for another and showed leadership.

Nance and Mrs. Wang acquired life activities and remained aware of the dangers of Nature.

Mrs. Wang would climb the dike steps every day after supper to see how high the river got risen. The lady knew just how dangerous it was if the dike broke. It would drown her family and the whole village. She had misplaced her hubby and the father of her children when the dike pennyless before. Mrs. Wang was going to keep a cautious eye on the water. " She was a lot more afraid of the river than of the Japanese people. ” Matn Nace just like Mrs. Wang made care watchful decisions to ensure the safety of his climbing team. Nace was able to generate wise command decisions as a result of his earlier climbing experience. Even though his adversary, a young climber named Osborn will fight him to move forward after a snowstorm hit, Nace said, " It's organization down here because the sunshine hits simply two several hours a day. Up above this gets the sunlight twelve hours. It may not have frozen but. ” Nace shows his care for security and his experience of nature. Nace lost a buddy and fellow climber on the same Mountain (K3) in a previous climb.

Matn Nace and Mrs. Wang showed consideration for someone that apposed them.

Even following Mrs. Wang was given the reality from the China soldiers the wounded jewellry she gathered and preserved was Western, she realized he was lurking behind bombing her...