Eric Clapton Essay

Richard Clapton


Did you ever hear of Eric Clapton's tune " Layla"? Well it's a really good song. When you think about an musician such as Richard you would believe how performed he created that appear in his music and there is an answer. His music is inspired by the aged catchy doldrums genre. Eric Clapton is usually an English guitar player and track writer who was mainly inspired by doldrums, who is known as one of the most important guitarist ever. ITS ALL ABOUT THE DOLDRUMS ROCK

Once we think about blues a thing that involves our head is African Americans playing that catchy sound that characterizes doldrums. But as period advanced a lot of genres of music deviated from doldrums and one is the well-known blues mountain.

Blues rock is a music genre which includes the sound in the twelve club blues put together with a rock and roll style. This kind of sub genre began to develop in the mid 60s with rings from the UK and the ALL OF US experimenting with the background music from more mature American bluesmen. As period progressed by the early seventies you could hardly really tell the difference between blues rock and hard rock. (academic. scranton. edu)


Richard Clapton was created in Ripley, Surrey, England. He was brought up in a audio household. At the age of thirteenth he asked for a guitar and got it, nevertheless Eric believed it was not a really good one so he lost interest. Two years afterwards was when really began to play and practice. As being a young adolescent he spent my youth listening to blues music in the radio. This individual became keen for the music with time and 1963 was when he signed up with his initial band; one which was affected the blues and rock and roll sound. This individual remained with this band right up until 1965. Eric got into more bands because time exceeded. It was until the early seventies that he started his solitary career. (ericclapton. com) WHERE DID HIS SOUND ORIGINATED FROM?

Eric Clapton spent my youth listening to blues music. In the early years this individual listened to Big ball brazy and Muddy Waters. Various other guitar impact on are: Freddie King, BB King, Albert King, Friend...

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