Eminem Dissertation


Janet Franco

Professor Kapurch

English 1310

03 January 2012

Slim Shady

" My spouse and i try to retain it positive/And enjoy it cool/Shoot up the playground/And tell the youngsters to stay in university. ” (Slim Shady 1999) This is one of several quotes via Slim Shady that exhibits his identity as a funny, ruthless artist. Slim Shady emerged in 1997 when Eminem did his 1st album The Slim Questionable EP in that case two years after in 1999 his second record The Thin Shady LP, was a large success turning out to be an overnight sensational, debuting at and second and selling over 283, 000 copies the first week. Slim Sketchy displays an exclusive image along with his blazing, bleach, blonde frizzy hair, casual attire, heedless attitude, and enthusiastic movement. Sleek Shady's hairstyle, attire, attitude, and activity create his humorous, serious persona. Sleek Shady display a unique hairstyle with his smoking, bleach, brunette hair that sets him apart from everyone else. I believe his unique hairstyle contributes to his humorous and ruthless personality because he dyed it if he was intoxicated and did not care how many other people considered it therefore he don't bother to improve it back to his natural brown hair. Since this individual has no hair on your face his brunette hair is exactly what creates his persona and sets him apart from all others because, this automatically catches everyone's attention and it makes that evident to distinguish him. His hair iis a remarkable feature nobody else experienced and using the a tendency amongst teenagers. Slim Shady's hair shows how he doesn't care what other persons think this individual does what he would like when he desires regardless of the end result. Slim Sketchy displays an informal dark colored dress, he is constantly wearing tshirts, white beater, jeans, and Jordan, or perhaps Nike shoes. His clothing demonstrated that he isn't a serious person and shouldn't be considered genuine and will not care what anyone has to say about it. For instance, having been photographed having a t-shirt expressing " I Like The Pere The Pope Smokes Dope” while producing Slim Shady on a paper and showing...