Elnglish in India Essay

Elnglish in India

Name- Raunaq Jain

Class- ENG W131 2868

Lane Rogers


SA4- New Realization

My interview with Pauline Archembault a ENG- W131 (Multilingual Version) teacher at Indianapolis University allowed me to bridge a niche between Kwasi Mensha's " International Learners in the U. S.: Tendencies, Cultural Adjustments, and Alternatives for a Better Experience” and Michael Smithee's " US Classroom Culture”. The article which has a real person helped me acquire answers to questions that had been unanswered inside the two works. My issue developed in my synthesis daily news was why is there a cultural void in the American classroom between teachers and international college students. The interview helped me recognize the problems that are language and difference in teaching methods and styles.

The interview helped me fill the gaps between the two sources. The two resources were not very clear on exactly what a university teacher who also works specifically with foreign students thinks about the ethnic differences in the classroom and a interview with a instructor who discounts specifically with international college students helped uncover the two key reasons. The first cause I discovered was the difference in language. An improvement in dialect makes it challenging for both the teacher and the scholar to exchange their views in the classroom rendering it difficult to exchange thoughts and ideas. The second reason I discovered was that the students aren't used to the American type of education. International students come form different style of education and therefore it will require time for them to adjust to the American type of education.

Through the interview these realizations arose when I asked my subject about what would be the challenges the lady faces although teaching international students. Her response " The language hurdle between the learners and me are one of the greatest hurdles I can overcome inside my class” helped me develop my claim that the difference in vocabulary between the scholar and the educator is responsible for the gap...

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