Education Is definitely Life Iself Essay

Education Is Lifestyle Iself


When John Dewey said, " Education can be not planning for life; education is your life itself. ” It is quite tough, even extremely hard to deal for the statement. We should clearly understand that education is a long process which in turn lasts for the entire life. In addition to that life is the best teacher we would ever include. In other words, we are able to denote that individuals live training ourselves and educate themselves for living. First of all, it can be interesting to make note of that the notions " education” and " life” may be regarded as identical ones. The situation is that talking about education we keep in mind that it is far from just a period of life although a lifelong process of learning. As Albert Einstein once noticed, " Intellectual development should start off at birth and cease only at expansion. ” Sticking to the point it must be also described that education can be presented and considered anywhere – at school, university or perhaps home. It. However , there is not any better teacher than existence itself. Nobody can dispute that. People master much deeper plus more effectively through their own actions and blunders. Life motivates, directs, settings and examines us. Existence teaches us. What is more essential, life is usually fair toward us. For this reason , we consider life as the best teacher. To sum up, it must be said that every person has his own frame of mind towards education. For some persons education appears to be an obligation, a burden, individuals it is the which means of existence, for the rest it's really a means to achieve some bigger goals… but there is no doubt, education is the most strong tool that includes a certain influence on our lives. The other issue is how to use this tool.

Nukhayeva Kamila