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The Bir Sreshtho (Bengali:  বীরশ্রেষ্ঠ) (The Most Valiant Hero) The Bir Sreshtho is the very best military honor of Bangladesh. It was awarded to eight freedom competitors who showed utmost bravery and passed away in action for nation. Listed below, a brief description of How that they sacrificed to get Our Freedom. We reverance you from Our heart. May God Bless You.

Mohiuddin Jahangir (Shaheed):  He was murdered in an attempt to break through adversary defence within the bank of the Mahananda Lake. | Hamidur Rahman (Shaheed):  He was killed on October 28, 1971 at Dhalai, Sylhet during an effort to capture the Pakistani Army's position which will finally chop down to advancing Mukti Bahini column. | Mostafa Kamal ( Shaheed): On 18 Apr 1971, Mostofa Kamal was killed within a defensive struggle against the living in Pakistan Military in Daruin village of Comilla. | Mohammad Ruhul Amin ( Shaheed):  Indian Air Force mistakenly dropped explosive device on the warship " Palash". Ruhul Amin was doing work as a great artificer of the ship. Following the heavy bombing, the engine room received burned and Ruhul Amin was required to dive in to the water. When he reached the river banks, he acquired caught by Razakars who also killed him using their bayonets. | Matiur Rahman ( Shaheed):  On August 20, 1971 he attempted to grab a T-33 trainer coming from Karachi, Pakistan to India in order to problem from the Pakistan Air Force and join the liberation movement of Bangladesh. The T-33 aircraft was code-named 'Bluebird'. However , Matiur Rahman could hardly take the airplane out of Pakistani territory, as reportedly, the various other pilot inside the plane, Rashid Minhas, compelled it to crash. Issues the plane crashed in Thatta, an area near the American indian border. His body, that has been found close to the crash site was apparently buried in the graveyard of fourth class employees at Masroor Surroundings Base, Pakistan. | Munshi Abdur Rouf (EB-R, Shaheed):  On 18 April year 1971, Pakistan Military attacked at the defense placement of Mukti Bahini with 7 rate boats and 2 commences. Their mission was to travel the Mukti Bahini away...