Martin Luther KingDrew The hospital Accreditation Status Essay

Martin Luther King/Drew Medical Center Accreditation Position

Martin Luther King/Drew Medical Center Certification Status

The accreditation position of Matn Luther King-Drew Medical Center was threatened by commission in charge on the analysis on the quality and safety of treatment at clinics (Herrera, 2004). This was as a result of number of moments that the said hospital failed to comply with the rules by the commission rate to improve health care many times after numerous examinations. This position has afflicted most of the hospital's operation and resulted into a number of significant problems. Certification and Documentation

Accreditation increases quality in two ways. The first entails establishing practice guidelines, performance standards, and expected outcomes for important clinical, economic, and service areas (Neuman and Ptak, 2003). The other method consists of making the accreditation results publicly on " record cards. " Report greeting cards facilitate comparison shopping among buyers and purchasers of strategies. Accreditation Standards

A lot more than 60 standards are examined in on- and off-site reviews during the accreditation process. The original certification standards had been written to get medical medical services, but also in 1996 separate standards to get managed behavioral health agencies (MBHOs) were developed. A great accreditation score is predominately based on reviewing the organization's efficiency in 6 categories: 1 ) quality managing and improvement in clinical outcomes

2 . member rights and responsibilities

3. usage standards, which includes decision-making criteria and medical protocols four. preventive health interventions

5. credentialing and recredentialing

6. medical information

The remaining percentage of the score is determined by reviewing the company performance on the set of nationally standardized clinical and monetary outcomes (Neuman and Ptak, 2003). NCQA presents the results on the " record card" referred to as the Health Program Employer Data and Data Set (HEDIS). More than 60 measures will be...

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