Essay to get Lit Draft 2

Essay intended for Lit Draft 2

Marina French

ENG 102: Section 1

Paper 1: Comparative Composition

October 9, 2014

Just like Sophocles' renowned tragedy Oedipus, Leslie Norris' short tale " Shaving” explores the formative effect of dads on their sons' lives. Oedipus and Barry, the protagonists in each work of literature, have different levels of knowledge about their past, which plays into the reality their fathers amount of involvement within their lives designs who they may have now become. Their fathers' involvement not merely affects their particular level of understanding, but likewise shapes their particular personalities, makes a shift in power via father to son, in addition to the end, influences the decisions they make after they realize the truths inside their lives. Understanding plays a huge role in peoples lives when it comes to growing up. For Oedipus and Barry, their particular fathers control their level of knowledge. Oedipus is born and immediately deserted by his father. Since Oedipus has no knowledge of his past this individual ends up unknowingly killing his father, King Laius. Most of the playwright is about the search for the man who have killed California king Laius. There exists a repeated contrast in the conversation between the regarded and unidentified. For example when Oedipus is definitely speaking with Tiresias for insight on how to discover the great. " OEDIPUS: For the love of the almighty, don't turn down, not in the event you know some thing. We plead with you, all of us on our knees. TIRESIAS: non-e of you knows—and I will under no circumstances reveal my dreadful secrets, not to say the own. ” At this point inside the playwright, Tiresias is trying to hint that there is a fact of Oedipus' life that is certainly hidden. Oedipus is constantly hinted throughout the play, however the main fact of him getting unknowing of his earlier creates challenges not only for himself, although others in the city. For Barry, alternatively, knows about his past. Nevertheless , even though he knows, he could be still inspired by his father because of it. Craig has interactions with his dad and mom and it is very well known that his father can be dying because of an...